Professional Photography for Real Estate



PerfectHomePix is the residential real estate website for english bay photo located in Surrey, British Columbia.  Services are directed to realtors seeking professional, quality photographs to use as one of the primary marketing tools available for the promotion of a residential listing on the internet.

Clients also include companies and individuals who wish to expose their rental accommodations to potential customers.

Photography for builders, architects, interior designers, commercial construction and renovation is available through english bay photo.





This service offers still photographs for use on the MLS system or a realtors personal or corporate website. Photographs for the MLS are provided cropped and sized to 1280 x 960 pixels and sharpened for maximum quality web display.

An additional set of photographs can be purchased to use for high resolution print, or cropped to specific size requirements for a minimal charge.

The basic package for MLS listings includes 20 photographs. Please understand it may not be possible or feasible to deliver 20 photographs due the number of rooms and/or views available.

To see samples of Still Photographs select “Photography” from the top menu.




This service offers still photographs placed into an interactive display in an automatic or user controlled slide show presentation with some animation. There is also links which can be used by the viewer to contact the realtor and get further information about the property listing.

The tours are provided by providing link to place into the MLS system or any website. Tours are provided in two formats.  One is for large display on computer screens, the other is provided in the format of a You Tube video which is the best method currently available for viewing on a mobile device such as a Smartphone or Tablet.

To see samples of an Interactive Tour select “Interactive Tours” from the top menu.