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Qualicum Beach, British Columbia



Professional Real Estate Photography

$75 for Qualicum Beach Listings


includes a Mobile Friendly Video

The basic real estate photography package is $75 and includes 15 photographs for your MLS listing, sized and colour corrected to show the property at it’s best. A mobile friendly video is included in the price using the still photographs and your contact information completes the package.

This price offer is limited to properties in the town of Qualicum Beach and as a bonus if you book your appointment for the hours between 11 am and 1 PM you get same day delivery for the photographs. Video delivered next day. 

For other locations see below.

5% GST is added to all invoice amounts.

Available for locations and rates shown below.


Basic Rate $90

Nanoose Bay

Basic Rate $110


Basic Package $125

Port Alberni

Basic Package $125


Terms: Cash, Interac e-Transfer or Credit Card. 3.75% added for processing credit card transactions.
Payment due prior to delivery of final process photographs.

Do you need more than 15 photographs for your listing? Click for more information.

For most listing purposes 15 photographs is all you need to show in order to attract attention and get a buyer to ask for a showing. You want to show just enough to peak interest, not tell the whole story because that is best conveyed in person. What is important is the quality of the photographs, colour rendition and compositions. 10 good photos are more appealing and will generate more interest than 30 bad ones. If you need more photographs I can easily take more photos while on site. There is an additional charge of $5 per photograph, plus GST.


Large Images

When you view my images on a large screen you want them to be sharp and clean, and they are. If you are displaying images full page or larger than normal you will appreciate the clarity when they are full screen.  View samples here. A new window will open and please view full screen by selecting the icon in the bottom right window of the viewer.)

Mobile Friendly Tour

When I deliver your photos for the MLS, or your own website I include a video created from the still photgraphs I have taken. Embed the video in your website, or link it from the MLS listing, share it with clients and buyers. So many people are viewing listings on mobile devices these days you need your images displayed properly, no hiccups.


Displays perfectly on Smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktop systems.

Your info

Property address, plus your contact information.

Tells a story

Movement  throughout the rooms, it’s almost like watching a walkthrough video

View in landscape or horizontal mode if your mobile device supports it. Apple iPhones have landscape mode.

At the bottom right of this section is a RED link to a video which you can view on a mobile device, or a laptop, desktop computer. This is a recent listing and is typical of the average real estate listing it shows what my video presentation looks like, simulating a walkthrough, so to speak.

All my videos are hosted on VIMEO and can be downloaded, or blocked from being downloaded if you so choose. Even if you choose to block downloading, the video can still be viewed if given public access.

What is Vimeo? ------>

Vimeo is the choice of professionals for hosting video on the internet. Unlike YouTube, unless you are an advanced user, your Vimeo video will not randomly go to another video when it finishes. With your listing hosted on YouTube your video could go to a competitive listing, or something completely unrelated and possibly inappropriate. When one of my videos is linked to Vimeo it only plays that specific video. When your video ends it returns to the beginning of the video.  That being said, many people like to use YouTube and you will get a copy of the video which you can upload to your YouTube Channel, if you have one and give a copy to your client for a memory keepsake.

No ads

Hosted on vimeo, so no ads, no other listings, just yours.

Licensed music

Licensed music included, viewer can control volume.

Click here to view video sample

A new window will open.


Peter Slupski

I have been a Professional Real Estate Photographer since 2010, working with a select number of realtors and custom home builders in the Greater Vancouver area. I use Nikon full frame DSLR cameras for maximum resolution and clarity and an assortment of high quality lenses and lighting equipment necessary for interior and architectural work.

I work with natural light and supplementry flash units indoors for controlling colour and clarity to maintain an accurate representation of the scene.

I edit and process all my photographs, no one else does. I am proficient in the use of the the professionals choice for developing photographic images – Phase One Capture One Pro and Adobe Photoshop. I am constantly learning new techniques and methods, education is something I enjoy and it never ends.

Get in touch.

Telephone or text message to 250.228.5188