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 I photograph a wide variety of homes, from teardowns to multi-million dollar homes. Sometimes the homes are well kept and look great, other times they are cluttered and one has to wonder why anyone would have photographs taken with clutter and excess “stuff” everywhere. Some owners prepare the home for photographs themselves and follow the advice of the realtor. Some realtors hire professional stagers to come in and prepare the home for photographs prior to the listing going public.

A few of my realtor clients go the extra mile and do the work themselves, no matter how much the place is going to list for. There is a thought that buyers see past the clutter, but isn’t it to the sellers advantage to avoid that in the first place? It’s a lot of work, but in the end it pays off for the seller and the real estate agent. 

A home prepared by Rosanne Hamilton with the help of her husband John who was busy painting the Pergola outside when I arrived. That’s service!