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My winter view from our patio in Qualicum Beach a few days ago and I doubt it will change much until it rains. 

It is 2018 and Welcome to the updated PerfectHomePix website.

The old website had several sections spread over many pages and although it was easy to get around it was easier to have everything pertinent on one page, with a separate page for Blog Posts.

The information about my business is displayed on one page, short and to the point and easy to scroll and move through and get the information you need without having to look at menu’s.

With a new year starting I have been contemplating how I would approach my business model for 2018. Looking back and thinking about how LESS of something can be more productive, enticing or appealing than MORE, I came to the decision to offer less content in my basic package and reduce my price, especially for photographing homes in the town of Qualicum Beach and I will explain why.

I think of real estate photographs as a teaser. You want to generate enough of an interest to get someone to contact you to see the home in person. This is the one on one, the chance for a realtor to get face to face with a buyer inside that home and show them everything that no number of photographs can reveal. The viewing appointment is the critical step in the selling cycle. The ambience of a room, the dimension of space, all the things that make the place special are like the test drive for a car. Photographs and videos will give the viewer a sense of what to expect from the home, but two, or even three dimensional media cannot deliver the experience of a buyer physically standing inside that home, and that is what you want. It is my goal to get a buyer or another realtor to call you for a viewing, insure an opportunity for the one on one, get those buyers inside that home and the opportunity to start the close of a sale. 

I started out suggesting that LESS might be preferable to MORE and by that I want you to consider that 10 great photographs will provide a better chance for a call than 30 bad ones, or even 30 good ones for that matter. The average viewing of a listing on the internet has been suggested by varying industry sources as between 1 to 2 minutes before the interest wanes and someone moves on to the next listing to view. You actually need to keep the interest alive after about 20 seconds, after that it gets harder to keep the viewers attention. Therefore the photos need to be enticing to keep the viewer interested to the point they want to see the home in person.

My basic package pricing is based upon providing Less, in that I am offering 15 quality photos instead of 20 or 30. In some instances 15 photographs may very well show everything there is to show about the listing because of its size and environment. Therefore my basic price, is predicated on spending less time travelling, taking fewer photographs which in turn means processing fewer images. It means I can finish and deliver quality images for a listing in Qualicum Beach the same day if I am finished by 1 PM. 

If you require more photographs I am happy to provide more and the extra cost is shown on my web page under the first photograph.