I am a company of one, where personal service and a commitment to excellence is what has driven me throughout most of my entire business life. 

A vocation is more than just showing up and putting in time. It requires a set of skills and knowledge that is specific to the task, along with a commitment to achieving the best results possible. When you combine these in your work you end up with a passion for what you are engaged in and I am very passionate about real estate photography. I focus on one area of a broad photography industry – interior and exterior photographs of real estate, architecture and design.

I understand the importance of delivering a message to the real estate market I am serving, where listings abound and the attention span of buyers is limited to a few seconds. In the vast majority of cases prospective buyers are searching listings online before they ever contact a real estate agent. What is being shown to them in this initial phase is critical before a decision is made to explore further or move on to the next listing, possibly one that is not yours.

Real estate photography is simple and at the same time complex. You have to understand what is important and how to deliver a message that invites further inquiry on the part of the viewer. The simple part for a photographer is showing up on time and clicking the shutter on the camera. 

The difficult part is rendering those scenes in a way which invites the viewer to call and make an appointment for a personal viewing.  The relationship between room size, colour rendition, the angle of view and composition are what makes an image appealing. I use professional equipment and I am very proficient in post processing, using the latest and very best photographic software. I am constantly upgrading equipment, software and most importantly, training which is targeted to my profession.

Photographers will approach a real estate photography session in several ways. For some it is how fast can I get in and out, or how much am I going to get paid and for others it is a matter of how artistic they can be. I deliver all three options in one choice.

1. Fast enough I do not keep someone waiting for me to finish but not so fast the quality of my work is compromised.

2. A fair and reasonable price for the service rendered and prompt delivery.

3. Visually appealing photographs that hook the viewer. No bizarre colours, no tilting walls, instead you get magazine quality images, crisp and clean. What I present to the viewer encourages them to call you and schedule a showing.

Real estate listing photographs are like movie trailers. How many movies have you seen without having first seen a trailer and how does that first 20 to 30 seconds of visual content in your decision making process influence you before you move on to something else?

I have spent seven years working in Vancouver and it’s suburbs, one of the most dynamic, and at times volatile, real estate markets in Canada. During this time I have had the pleasure to work with some wonderful realtors, builders and designers. I have developed a method and skill set that delivers a message on your behalf which will say “call me, let’s make an appointment to see this property”.

I am now living on Vancouver Island, in Qualicum Beach, continuing with my passion for photography, both personal and business.

Peter Slupski