Peter Slupski


Longer than I care to date myself, I fell in love with photography. It was in the days of film and while living in Calgary I was introduced to the works of Ansel Adams, one of America’s greatest landscape photographers. I took a course in Ansel Adam’s Zone System as well as some part time photography courses. I ended using a 4x5 view camera plus  medium and 35mm format camera’s. I also built a darkroom and was processing my own photo’s.

I was eventually distracted by my involvement playing with a local band, followed by marriage, so photography sort of slowly ebbed away. Not completely, but I wasn’t “into it” as much as before. I eventually moved to BC and ended up in the wine business, started a wine import company and, with my two partners, brought the largest selling wine brand in the history of the BCLDB to Canada.

Living in Vancouver I discovered landscape photography once again so I jumped into Digital Photography which was a blessing because I no longer needed a darkroom. Looking back I think the Darkroom was a contributing factor to moving away from photography. It required a lot of time, not to mention working in a toxic environment, whereas digital gives you instant satisfaction without chemicals and darkroom equipment.

After I sold and retired from my wine import business in 2009, the question now was what to do with my time. I enjoy creativity so I picked up a camera again and started to photograph homes for a few realtors. Being somewhat of a computer geek I also became enthralled with photography software becoming proficient in Photoshop and numerous other photo processing tools. What started out as a “hobby with a little income” has since become a new business venture for me.

In 2010 I started operating as english bay photo. In May of 2014 my wife and I moved out of our apartment/condo in the West End in downtown Vancouver and moved to a town home in South Surrey.  I am now transitioning the residential real estate photography part of my business into Perfect Home Pix, to remove the perception that I only work in the West End of Vancouver. I go everywhere.