Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers to some of the common questions I get. I have another FAQ on my SERVICES and RATES page which cover more questions you may have. Just click on the +  sign to the right of each question for my answer. If you can’t find an answer to your question here or on the other page please contact me and I will get back to you with an answer promptly.

Who processes your photos?

That may seem like a strange question for some, but the answer is important. A majority of the discount real estate photography services use an external editing service, which is usually located in the far east, because labour rates are rock bottom. Some of these services offer 12-24 hour turn around because they have people working 24 hours a day. Sounds good right? You get cheap photos and you get them fast.

Here’s the problem with using an exterior service that is offering cheap processing rates. The technician or retoucher on the other end has no familiarity with the property they are processing the photos for. They have no idea what the true colours are inside the home, They can guess but because they were not there, that’s all they can do unless the photographer is sending images that were either colour corrected when the photograph was taken, or they include a shot with a neutral grey card for each room. The common sloppy way to set a colour balance is to click on something white in the photo, the problem is all whites are not equal. Pick 5 different white items and look at them, Each one is not going to match the others,I  can almost guarantee that.

Most photographers do not have the time, including myself, to set the colour balance in camera before taking a photo in each room. Most do not take the time to include a grey card reference photo either. I take a colour card referenced photo for each room to get the true colours as close as possible.

I would hazard to guess that the majority of the external processors are dealing with HDR images so they are literally batch processing all the photos and may be spending a little extra time on some of those that “don’t seem right” after they come out of the oven. They usually gloss over the colour issues by desaturating the common hot HDR colours like yellow and cyan. After a while you can spot what appears to be good HDR by the fact the photos have an overall grey tone with little contrast. The colours might look fine but they will look “soft”, the images have no pop and that’s the tell-tale sign. Or, they are the complete opposite with nuclear colours but you won’t find much of that from the offshore services.

I process my own photographs so I have control over the finished product. I don’t want to deliver washed out colours, flat looking photographs. I want to deliver photos that pop with the true colours that were there and because I was there, if there is a problem I know how to fix it right away. The offshore person can’t do that, at least not very easily and accurately.

Do I have to place a deposit to book an appointment?

No, I do not require a deposit to book an appointment for existing clients. New clients may have to provide a deposit depending on my schedule. If a deposit is required the charge is 25% of the fee that will be charged when photos are delivered. The deposit will be credited against the final invoice amount.

Can I cancel an appointment?

You can cancel an appointment if you give 48 hours notice and re-book to another day. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, but re-book to another day there is a $25 booking fee. If you have a deposit and you cancel and do not re-book, your deposit is forfeit and you will receive a copy of an invoice you can use for tax purposes.

Do you provide video?

At this time Video is not an option, HOWEVER, equipment has been purchased to shoot professional video and once training is completed that service will become available in 2017. There will be Blog Post and an email sent to clients informing them when the new service is available.

Do you do any other type of work?

I photograph landscapes for the joy of it, but if you are wondering if I do any other type of commercial work, YES. It is still architectural in a broad sense. I photograph commercial projects and in some cases the regular real estate photographs are not quite enough for a client so I will need to spend more time on site, maybe as much as a whole day or more. This is necessary when you have multiple window views or sunrise or sunset shoots that are important to the presentation. Twilights are popular so sometimes I have to shoot the interior while there is still daylight and then wait for twilight to commence for the “money” shots.

The cost? I prefer to quote this work on an individual basis with each inquiry.

Do you take head shots and portraits?

No, I believe that should be done by a professional who specializes in that specific type of photography, after all you want to look your best. I concentrate my business in Real Estate Photography making homes look their best.

How do I receive my photographs and tour?

Photographs are sent via email or Dropbox if the file sizes are too big for your email server.

Tours are provided by supplying a web link which you place into a web page or the Virtual Tour section of your MLS listing.

If for some reason you require the tour for some other display purpose it can be placed on a CD and mailed to you for an additional cost of $15 plus postage.

Do you have RUSH Service?

Yes, if I am available and given enough time to finish the photography by 2 PM so I can deliver your photos before midnight the same day. There is a 50% surcharge to the base rate for this service and it is only for the basic STILL PHOTO package.

Please note that generally speaking I deliver my photographs the same day, or within 24 hours of leaving the property location.  If I am finished photographing by 2 PM and not travelling a long distance to return home you should receive your photographs before noon the next day, most likely the same evening. Unless there is some extreme urgency, you will not need to request a RUSH SERVICE.

I do not book more than two appointments per day, which means that 99% of the time I can deliver your photographs quickly.