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It’s difficult to keep track of changes in a business and one of the best ways to keep up to date with news and information that can be of benefit to you is to get your name on an email list. Sure, these lists are abused and we all get a terrific amount of SPAM mail, but belonging to a managed list can keep you up to date with information that can benefit you and your business. Perfect Home Pix is not going to inundate it’s subscribers with weekly or monthly email messages. The Perfect BLOG is where you can find constant changing information.

The PERFECT MAIL LIST is going to be used only for important messages regarding a change in our services, such as an address or contact information update. If a new service is added or there is a change in our pricing or terms, an email will be sent. Of course this information will be in a BLOG Post but not everyone is a regular and frequent visitor to our site. This list is an OPT-IN list, in other words your name and email address is only on this list because you chose to add your name through the form shown below. 

The list is managed and maintained by MAILCHIMP and you can remove yourself from it at any time by simply selecting the “UNSUBSCRIBE” lil at the bottom of any email message coming from Perfect Home Pix. Of course, I hope you stay on the list once you have signed up, but if you decide to leave you don’t have to worry about being placed back on the list, it’s not an option for me or anyone else to add your name back in without you doing it directly yourself. If you want to keep abreast of news that could be important to you please use the form below.


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