On my home page I mention hosting videos on a separate website that I maintain just for that purpose. Most realtors will have the ability to embed the video I supply in their own webpage or some other site so there is no need to use the service I offer for free.

However, some realtors do not have a website of their own or for one reason or another they are unable to easily embed code into a web page to show the video online. You can of course upload a video to YouTube but from a brand marketing perspective there are some disadvantages to doing that. The most notable of course is all the stuff YouTube displays along with your video.

What I offer is a link which is much easier to insert into a web page as opposed to using an embed code. You simply place the link on a web page, including the spot in the MLS listing system and the viewer will be taken to a web page where the video will be displayed along with some basic information including a link back to the realtors website, or office website.  

The advantage to using this over YouTube is that only the video for the realtor’s listing will be shown, and at the end the viewer has three simple choices.

  1. Replay the same video
  2. Go to the realtors website
  3. Close the browser window

The page is a very simple version of what is know as a one page website and it’s purpose is to show only one video, yours.

Click this link to see what a page looks like.  

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