Prior to Covid-19 there were opposing views toward how many photos or how long a video would be for marketing a property through the various social media, and company websites. One opinion was to show everything, put as many photos as possible in the online listing, have long videos or complete 3D tours of the home.

The other train of thought was to show less, just enough to generate interest. The reasoning for this was simply based on why visit the property when you have seen everything in the photos, or the video, or the Virtual Tour.

Continuing with the “show less” tactic, a good point to consider is less encourages buyers to investigate further which usually leads to a personal visit to the property. This is beneficial in a couple of ways from a realtor standpoint. First it confirms that the buyer is interested in learning more about this property after looking at several online listings which puts the property they want to view on the short list right away. Secondly, it gives the realtor the opportunity to deal with the buyers face to face and take advantage of pointing out any features that are not so easily revealed in photos, videos and 3D tours. ¬†Online viewing is great but it does not give the buyer a feel for the property and it’s surroundings which only happens when someone is physically at the home.

 So wth Covid getting ready to see the door closing it may be time to go back to short and sweet when open houses are back on once again and potential buyers are looking to put their choices on a short list.

Here’s an example of a short teaser video, enough to show what a visitor can look forward to in person, without showing it all, just enough to peak some interest and ask for a viewing.