Here is a sample of the photo tour video I supply, at no extra charge. I don’t want to mislead anyone when I use the word video so let me explain what I mean after you watch the video here. Just click on the play arrow and feel free to select full screen mode. This video will display quite nicely on a 27 inch monitor although it is starting to get a little fuzzy, anything bigger and the quality will degrade. Anything smaller and the results will be almost the same as what you see here. Play it on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. The quality will be the same, the only downside will be ┬áthe speed of your internet connection.


I produce this video from the photographs I take of your listing. Some will say this is simply a slide show, the difference is the photographs have been moved into a video creator where I can add smooth animation and licensed music and it is saved in an MP4 video format. You can download the video file I give you via a Dropbox link, then upload it to any website, your MLS listing, or send it to someone as a standalone file which any video player will display.